The Viña Mar Pub Crawl Staff

The Viña Del Mar Pub Crawl consists of native English and Spanish speakers who know what it means to be a traveler in Viña Del Mar. Our staff come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and we have seen every kind of traveler out there and understand what it takes to have a great experience.

The Viña Del Mar Pub Crawl Staff pride themselves on the fact that they know the ins and outs of the Viña Del Mar nightlife and are here to share it with you from an insider perspective.


Carolyn is a San Francisco, USA native who has come to work in Vina as an English teacher at a preschool. When she's not regretting the decision to work with little children, she can be found working with Vina del Mar Pub Crawl. She enjoys drinking, hiking in the mountains, and drinking while hiking in the mountains. While in Chile, she hopes to learn Spanish and figure out what to do with the rest of her life.


Ricardo is a local from Vina del mar, he knows this city like the hand of his hand, loves to travel around the world comparing his city to the others. He is actually a teacher of English, but during the weekend, is a hilarious guy who loves to party hard! Ricardo enjoys to squeeze every second of his life, either going to soccer games (local Fan) o having fun in any place at Vina.


Amelia is a world traveler and has come to Chile after a few years in China and Australia. Living in Vina del Mar until she can figure out what her next move is and enjoying living in this beautiful country for now. She loves to meet new people, travel and swap her stories. Drinking is her biggest hobby and it helps her to socialize, so feel free to buy her shots.


Javiera is a girl from Santiago who took the chance to study Astronomy in Viña del Mar, so, as she says, "I'm not just a pretty face in a rocking body"!!! During her free time she loves going to the beach, hang out with friends (partying is a must during her weekends) and meet new people from all over the world. Outgoing, funny and silly is what mostly you can tell about her. If you go to The Viña del Mar Pub Crawl, you'll have the chance to meet her and see what we are talking about!